• 2020 Sep 24

    TECHNO CIRCUS by SIRO-A, golden buzzer winners of AGT, is coming back as online performance.

    TECHNO CIRCUS that has chosen as "Trip advisor travellers' choice 2020" will be livestreamed at SIRO-A official Youtube channel on October 17th at night FOR FREE!

    Don't miss it!

  • 2020 June 22

    We will close Ukiyoe-cafe for a while because of COVID-19.


  • 2020 Feb 29

    Online event, Uchifes will take place.

    Click here for more info!


  • 2019 October 28

    We will join NINJA ILLUSION LIVE with other creators.



  • 2019 September 26

    Male cheerleaders" Hackles" produced by Siro-a made their debut!


  • 2019 July 22

    Event information "UKIYO-E CAFE"

    Ukiyoe pop out to the real world!?

    World’s first Ukiyoe 2.5 dimensions of entertainment!!

  • 2019 July 2

    Event information "SHINJUKU COMEDY CLUB"

    "Shinjuku comedy club" was formed with people who play active roles on stage, shows and TV programs like America's got talent" all over the world.
    This is a one hour event, featuring magic and non verbal comedy such as mimicry and so on, which is sure to entertain anyone from the world.
    In light of the upcoming Olympics in Japan, let’s show the world our finest Japanese comedy!

  • 2019 April 1

    The establishment of SIRO-A inc.


SIRO-A Inc. 白A | Creation & Performance Company