Let's Make Prosperous Entertainment in Saudi Arabia.



our proposal

Saudi Arabia has a good relationship with Korea and Japan among other Asian countries that has been cultivated
over many years.
In 2019, socioeconomic reforms are expected to be implemented soon in Saudi Arabia and because of this,
our relationship is going to change in many ways.
Since Saudi Arabia is aiming to make flourishing entertainment one of its main industries, our global entertainment will complement,
boost and improve the industry.
We would like to develop it together as strategic partners in our pursuit to improve the economy and county itself.

Sincerely yours,
Saudi Asia Entertainment,


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mplusplus (JAPAN)

Getting offers from many renowned companies , we, mplusplus, have produced events and delivered performances such as the one at the TOYOTA exhibition booth at the TOKYO motor show and POKEMON, PIKACHU outdoor performance in Yokohama.

We are the stage specialists. We also did performances in CANNE LIONS and ULTRA MIAMI.
Our productions present not just our beautiful and eye-catching performances, but also utilise an original stability system which allows more than 100 performers to connect with walkie talkies during a performance, which are highly rated.

We can also deliver performances with local performers.


✔Many original products

✔Doing performances using

 local performers abroad.

✔Drawing attention from Globally famed companies. 

✔Original system which can connect more than

 100 performers with walkie talkies.



We, Siro-a, are a performance group who have done more than 500 performances in 31 countries, attracting over a hundred thousand people. We were the first Asian to win Golden buzzer in nationally recognized TV program, America's got talent.

Our non-verbal performance, which incorporates dance, mime, comedy and acrobat dancing, entertains people of all ages and nationalities.

Our performance is ranked as one of the top things to do in Tokyo byTrip Advisor.


✔We played an active role in

 American's nationally TV show.

✔Our show marked a record high of one

 hundred thousand people in 31 countries.

✔Our show was chosen as one of the top things

 to do on Trip advisor

✔We can create original performances for clients.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Japan office
Yuji Hishinuma

Saudi Arabia Branch office
Saad Nasser (Japanese Translator)